First Blood [HD]

March 14, 2013 - Comment

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ArTchiXx says:

Dexter Never Disappoints Me!! I never imagined I of all people would be a Dexter fan!The reason I write this is because I’ve never been a fan of horror movies & am not that great watching blood & guts….in fact, I most avoid both of these!!But, a close friend kept raving about Dexter & I gave the show a shot.Even at Season 5 – when most shows start to lose steam & sometimes viewers – I am still glued to the screen & always left wanting more Dexter!I was wondering how Season 5 would handled Rita’s death & I feel like they did an awesome job!I promise Season 5 will not disappoint the die hard Dexter fan!Or, even if you are a first time viewer….you will quickly become a fan! (Although, I highly recommend watching Dexter in all its glory from the very beginning – Season 1-5!)Season 6 can’t come fast enough since I don’t subscribe to Showtime!

Rhonda Poynter "gannon'smom" says:

Pre-Release Of Season 5: A Few Thoughts Firstly, this is the best show on television, plain and simple. I came to it late, discovering just a little over two years ago, and so I’ve had to catch up – I completely agree with the many, many reviews on different sites which really go after the quality of the DVDs for “Dexter”, by the way. If you can get Blu, do so. Now, a series about a serial killer didn’t quite seem like my kind of trip when I first began watching “Dexter”, but this show quickly pulls you in with excellent acting, writing and directing. (Trivia: Are any of you old enough to remember the geeky guy who lets his haunted car, Christine, take over his life and get even at everybody else, in the Stephen King classic, “Christine”? That actor, Keith Gordon, is the same man directing this series. Anyhow!) Michael C. Hall is nothing less than superb as the tortured title character, and he continues hitting it out of the ballpark this season, despite having spent the majority of this last year or so sick as a dog and undergoing chemotherapy in real life for leukemia. (His agent says that he’s doing well, right now). As we all know from decades of anti-heroes, the audience has to like a killer (Warren Beatty as Clyde Barrow, for instance), or watching this type of show is going to leave you with a – well, weird feeling: I’ve seen shows, both fictional and biographical, where the ‘hero’ was so revolting an individual that I couldn’t figure out why anybody thought he/she deserved a show, and I had to take a shower after watching the piece of garbage. This series is so well-written that even though we know Dexter is a bad man – he himself constantly describes himself as a ‘monster’ -, he is redeemed in our eyes by wanting a normal life, by wanting to be a good family man, even – as in this season -, becoming an avenger of sorts to another individual who is as troubled as he is, the gangrape survivor, Lumen. Lumen is portrayed by Julia Stiles, and I did not know her work before this, and she has quickly become a contender in my list of favorites – she plays Lumen with the perfect pitch, and the viewer (SPOILER) truly follows the character as she goes from victim to terrified survivor, to vigilante to trusting Dexter, et al. I found myself conflicted by this specific plotline of the season – Would our ‘good’ Dexter actually teach somebody else what he knows, and how to kill? It took me a few episodes to realize that yes, Dexter, with his tangled ideals of justice and self-preservation, would think that the right thing to teach a victim would not so much be revenge, but…how to make certain she is never a victim again. I think that this series is truly an example of the “What would I do?” school, rather than simple slash and trash; non-fans of the show say that we read too much into the series, but there are many, many things to think about when watching it. I suppose the simplest point to make would be that this is a thinking man’s series, and it addresses the fact that we may not like having to admit it, but there are people out there who do bad things to other people, for no palpable reason other than to be evil. Then there’s Dexter – admittedly, usually more on celluloid than in the real world – promising us that at least a few of those evil people will never get near our kids. In today’s Armageddon-round-the-corner way of thinking, Michael C. Hall, therefore, portrays a fascinating character who both intrigues us and frightens us, and – admit it – more than a few of us are hoping that everything will, in some odd draw of the Fate cards, will work out for him. This, then is a successful antihero, and the show should be seen as more than a small screen slasher flick. It is very rough in language, there are plenty of sexual situations, etc., and so remember all that if the blood stuff hasn’t been enough of a warning that this is not a show for the kids. Five stars – oh, and Michael: Get Better!!!!

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